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CenterFlo’s patented valve design utilizes a segment bored cylinder pair to precisely control air flow to form an obstruction free bore. Eliminating the throttle blade and shaft allows a greater volume of air to flow more freely into the engine, making more mid-range torque and higher top end horsepower. Low RPM driveability, which often suffers with larger throttle bodies, is now greatly improved with finer control at the beginning of throttle movement.

Patented Design

U.S. Patents: 6,712,040; 7,021,264

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Direct Replacement

Mounting provisions for stock compatible injectors and sensors. CARB certification pending.

Idle Postion - As the valve cylinders rotate from the fully-closed position air flow begins at the center of the bore, with a more controlled ramp up to half throttle.

Wide Open - When fully open the valve cylinders are rotated flush with the interior wall, leaving 100-percent of the bore diameter available for air flow.


2006-2016 Harley Davidson Big Twin; cable throttle only

Product availability to be announced.

Data Sheet

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